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    Awwwards present


    The Award that recognizes and rewards best practices in mobile site design.

    Getting the fundamentals of mobile sites right is critical. To stay ahead of consumer needs, it’s important to lay the groundwork with mobile now. Marketers need to think about optimizing their brand’s entire mobile footprint to ensure they remain relevant and successful in the future - and speed is key! No matter how great your mobile site looks, if it loads slowly, users will abandon it.

    Mobile Excellence


    The process of obtaining a Mobile Excellence Badge is simple and transparent. In order to win the award you must meet the optimization criteria that Awwwards have established in these Guidelines.

    All submissions that win an Honorable Mention will be sent to a mobile expert who will manually evaluate it using external resources such as Webpagetest.org, Lighthouse, and PageSpeed Insights, plus manual checks. They will carry out a complete analysis of the homepage or landing page, plus 2 other pages chosen at random. Each page will be evaluated on four criteria:

    Mobile Friendliness, Performance, Best Practices / PWA, and Usability. Within these criteria there are a number of checklist items that can be found in the Mobile Guideline, a practical guide which summarises the essential points that must be optimised in order to win the Mobile Excellence Award.

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    * Sites with more than 70/100 will win the Mobile Excellence Badge.

    Get a Certificate
    to validate your work!

    All sites that get scored 70/100 or more will receive the certificate of Mobile Excellence, which credits best practice, knowledge and professionalism.

    The Mobile Excellence Award celebrates work that puts users first, whilst bridging great design with pure performance. It recognises hard work and aims to raise the standards of the mobile web, allowing people to have a superior experience anytime, anywhere.

    Certificate Mobile Award
    Certificate Site of the Day
    Share your project and receive recognition for your hard work!
    * You'll receive a complete report of your site from a mobile expert

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